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Spirit of the North
80x60 cm, oil on canvas

   I love owls. To me, they represent wisdom, freedom, and fierceness. While painting this painting I sat up several late nights in a row, when one night I hear an owl hooing in a nearby tree. It was such a lonesome sound. By the second night, he was back hooing in our garden. On the third night, he sat there hooing while I was painting when suddenly there was a second owl answering his cry – he was no longer alone.

Autumn Fox 
oil on birchwood canvas

True magic seem to linger a little more evident in certain holy places and deep forests - just as in certain animal forms. One in particular that always catches my breath is  the fox, that seem to have a shimmer from times long past.

Loyalty 2.jpg

oil on birchwood canvas

 "I will keep all the monsters of the night at bay for you", she said and hugged her little brother.

autumn fox 2.jpg

oil on birchwood canvas

     For every mile we shared, everything we have endured, I will forever be your friend.  No animal is quite as kind and loyal as a horse whom is your friend. "Loyalty"

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